Thermal Cycler
Purchasing Guide

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In need of a PCR Thermal Cycler? Our guide can help you find the most suitable Thermocycler unit that will conform to your application requirements.

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What’s In Store for You

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Cater to Your Application Needs

Determine the expected sample throughput and flexibility your application requires to know which Thermal Cycler model is compatible with your application requirements.

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Find A Suitable Thermal Cycler at Any Price Point

There are tons options available so you can get the best Thermal Cycler for your business.

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Maintain High Efficiency

With the help of this guide, you can evaluate Thermal Cycler model has the ramp rate that can provide a faster cycle and run time.

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Better User Experience

Discover what factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing your Thermal Cycler and how it can help you have an easy and smooth operation.

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Get the Best Components

Find out which Thermal Cycler models have specific features like good sealing, minimized evaporation, and can also maintain the necessary sample volume that is beneficial to your needs.

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Check Out GMI's Inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Thermal Cyclers

Our CPO Thermal Cyclers differ from the average used instrument having been inspected, refurbished, and certified by highly trained in-house engineers.

Be certain that you are getting the best Thermal Cycler
for your application needs.


GMI has been providing hundreds of laboratories across North America with both new and certified pre-owned lab equipment for over 20 years. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, you can be assured that each instrument passes through rigorous recertification processes so that your equipment arrives at your laboratory defect-free and in full working order.

We routinely save discerning laboratories 50-80% off retail on our recertified instrument offerings as well as provide warranties from 90 days to a year. But that's not all, multi-year service agreements are also available, removing 100% of the risk in buying 'used' laboratory equipment.