A Buyer’s Guide To Rotary Evaporator Selection 


Even with a working knowledge of rotary evaporators, selecting a rotovap can be time-consuming and confusing. Allow Yamato to narrow down your options as we break down all the crucial factors you should keep in mind before purchasing a unit. Download our Rotary Evaporator Selection Guide for FREE.

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What’s In Store for You

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Evaluating Your Application Demands               

You’ll receive a checklist of questions to help you evaluate your sample type, required rotational speed, application size, and more to find the best unit for your operational needs.

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Find the Best Rotary Evaporator Bundle

Find out how to mix and match different water baths and glassware sets with Rotary Evaporator units so you can get a system with all the essential features for your lab setup.

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Choosing the Right Condenser Type & Orientation

The choice between condenser types largely depends on your intended use and the available space you have. In this guide, we help readers identify the right combination of condenser types & orientations to deliver your preferred outcome.

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Improving Your Unit with Add-Ons

In this guide, you’ll discover expert-recommended systems & accessories you can use with your Rotary Evaporator that can help increase the unit’s overall performance.

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Looking Beyond Rotary Evaporator Features

To get the most out of your purchase, our experts recommend looking beyond just rotovap specifications and configurations. We have gathered 3 bonus insider tips for you to factor into your rotovap purchase. 

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Product Recommendation For Lab Experts, By Lab Experts  

One way of scoring the best rotary evaporators for your lab, is by getting recommendations from insiders with notable & valuable experience. Our guide features a selection of reliable Rotary Evaporators hand-picked by industry experts with over 130 years of combined lab experience.

Ensure effective & efficient solvent recovery with the best Rotary Evaporator system for your applications.  Follow our in-depth guide so you can make smart buying decisions today.

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